Wednesday, November 18, 2009

“Love is an irrational act of substituting another person’s self interest for one’s own.”(Giddens)

Or so my sociology book says. I can believe it though. How else does one explain the world? Billy Currington is right, “People ARE crazy!” or at least lovers are. And even crazier are those who are not currently in love. Or they are in love but it is just unrequited. Also known as the single women of the world. I will always identify with those who want love so badly it hurts. Even if I get married, my heart will still go out to them, not in pity but in respect, because part of me will always be a single girl. Word to the wise, if you want a single woman to give you the evil eye and want to slap you with her flip flop then do tell her, “It will happen one day. I know your Mr. Right is out there.” I don’t know about you but I despised saying such as those. I sometimes just wanted others to agree with me, “Yeah you’re right. Life’s a bitch sometimes. Who knows if you’ll ever find anyone who truly wants to be with you.” But sulking is no fun although sometimes it makes you feel better, just be careful not to do it for too long. At times it is extremely difficult to believe in love. And when love is coming your way it can make you sick. I for one have felt like vomiting from all the excitement. Especially the giddiness that accompanies that first kiss. You can’t do anything at that point, so don’t even try. You may just want to give into your urge to just sit around and smile.

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