Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Be careful or “You'll give yourself a nose bleed”(Titanic)

I for one greatly admire women for living in such a love powered world. I am not sure how they do it without going all street rat crazy. Apparently in this life, love isn’t all you need. You need smokey eyes, a little black dress, the perfect scent, coyness, the best mascara, flirting skills, alcohol tolerance, as well as a love tolerance. For some reason, women always come back for more. They are the Rocky Balboa of the dating world. Their foolish hearts do not give up. Women tear themselves up over love. On the outside they are optimists, the grinning wide-eyed child saying, “ . . . it could happen”, but on the inside they are longing and hurting because all they want in their world is to be loved. What does she want for Christmas? Tenderness, someone to kiss at mid-night on New Year’s, someone she will no longer have to wish for. Yet is this all even attainable? That is the question, the curiosity, the need to know that keeps women coming back for more.

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