Wednesday, November 18, 2009

“I know that men don’t like women who try to own them.”(White Oleander)

Alright now. So don’t be too foolish when you’re twitterpated or else you may just regret it. You want a New Year’s eve proposal followed by a kiss like the ones in the Kay commercials? You want a Lake Tahoe wedding? You want the lyrics of your favorite Country songs to come true? Then be very careful. He likes you so chillydown. Don’t let his stereotypes of women in relationships come true. This is the part of all those magazines I will encourage one to listen to. The don’t be a crazy woman advice. Don’t try to change him. You can buy him a cozy pajama shirt but don’t tell him what to wear. His love for you shouldn’t be measured by how well you can “train him” to make you happy. Don’t be excessive, don’t be wishy washy because how is he to know what you want and or need when you don’t even know. Love is about compromise and understanding not about winning and losing. Oh and if you want Bridesmaids, do not, I repeat do not, abandon your girls because before you had him, you had them, your true soul mates and if you’re smart you will always have them.

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