Wednesday, November 18, 2009

“If I own a soul I have not heard how to take care of it for many a long day.” (Fanny Fern Soliloquy of a Housemaid)

Some women need men. Or at least they feel they need men whereas men are fine alone. Something within a woman whether she knows it or not has engineered her to long for something so uncertain that she may just spend her whole life searching for fulfillment. Women defiantly spend their money and time working towards their desires. Yet how often do they work on themselves? Some women become so tangled up in finding all the answers and having it all they forget to look within. Before one can build a life with another they must build their own and know their own individuality and spirit. I want for women to be empowered by themselves and to know the worth of their souls is much more valuable in the long run than assimilating to life’s little instructions for finding a man. So to every woman who may be reading, cherish your significance and don’t forget to stop and take care of your soul.

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