Monday, December 14, 2009

"Run Home"

I am now back at home, for the first time in a long time. Had a strange series of dreams, not last night, but the one before. I was visited by two of my favorite beautiful people. Two people I think of often even though I have not seen them for years. Two people who always inspire me. When I thought of what the dreams meant all I could come up with was that perhaps I want my life to be more exciting.

It seems to me, we venture home to remember how to dream. While we are away we are often forced to live in the present, deal with day to day tasks, and stumble upon the people in your life while in the environment you are tied to for the time being. Yet, upon returning home you acquire time to stop and think, time to sit around and be bored, jealous, happy, sulk-y, silly. You have an opportunity to embrace the simplicity of where you came from and sometimes forget why you ever left, until you remember how you want your life to be.

When I go home, I remember my dreams. I remember and realize how whole heartedly I want to embrace life and make mine extraordinary.

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