Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Dawson, Rose Dawson."

So, when I first saw the movie Titanic in second grade I always thought it was odd when Jack kisses Rose’s hand (see picture for scene screen cap) he follows it up by stating, “ I saw that in a Nickelodeon once and I’ve always wanted to do it .” Because in second grade Nickelodeon was a television thing and I’m all wait a minute! It wasn’t until today when I was studying for my history final that I figured it out.

Nickelodeons- converted store fronts in working class neighborhoods that showed early short silent films usually lasting fifteen minutes, requiring little comprehension of English, and costing only a nickel to view.

Mystery solved (“You meddling kids!”)

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  1. I bet you asked so many questions as a kid, especially at the movies … why didn't you ever ask that?